Enhance your Automated Drug-Screening Program

At EZ-Screens we’ve redefined the way you manage your DOT and non-DOT programs. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to seamless online management, 24/7, with Snap EZ-Reporter – the ultimate compliance partner.

Your Total Program Solution Awaits

Tired of juggling various aspects of your workplace screening program? Look no further. EZ-Screens is here to be your comprehensive solution. Let us enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managing all your drug testing and health screenings through our seamless paperless model.

Lab-Based Testing

  • Expertise in both DOT and non-DOT lab-based testing.
  • Instrumented rapid drug screen available for non-regulated testing.
  • Choose from a wide range of rapid testing panels and configurations.

Effortless Paperless Process

  • Snap EZ-Reporting employer service charting system, eliminates the hassle of non-DOT paper forms.
  • Utilize Federal DOT manual CCFs with online reporting and event tracking.

On-Demand Convenience

  • Access real-time results and generate reports instantly.
  • Schedule events electronically, enhancing your operational efficiency.
  • Snap EZ-Reporting Integration

Welcome to the Future of Drug Testing Compliance

We’re not just a service provider; we’re your partner in simplifying and streamlining your testing and screening program. Let us demonstrate how we can be your single service provider.

Clinic Solutions

Embrace the Future of Drug Testing and Health Screenings

Employer Testing Solutions

Streamline Your Workplace Drug-Testing Program

Drug Screening

Revolutionize Your Employee Drug-Testing Program

Employer Services

Enhance Employee Health Beyond Drug Testing

Ready to enhance your Workplace Screening Program ?

EZ-Screens offers a comprehensive, paperless solution for managing workplace screening programs, including lab-based testing, expanded services, effortless paperless processes, and on-demand convenience. Revolutionize your employee drug testing and health screening program with EZ-Screens today and experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

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